Seagull has the pleasure to introduce our complete petrol powered engine kit bicycle series. At the moment we have the Commuter and the Explorer.

The Seagull Commuter is the perfect commuting alloy frame with Shimano hydraulic disk brakes. Its available in Large and Extra Large frame and is the ultimate in on road commuting or cruising experience. The derailer and shifters are the Acera range and the front shocks are lockable. The VOSTRO 80CC engine makes this the best performing motorized bicycle available due its superior power to weight ratio.

If adventure is calling or you are wanting to explore places inaccessible by vehicle, then this is the perfect combination for you. Ideal for sand, gravel, snow and mud terrain. The Seagull Explorer petrol powered FATBIKE features the tough and reliable VOSTRO 80cc engine kit characterized by its standard rugged 4 inch wide wheels for extra traction, 24 speed shimano gears and hydraulic brakes. Deflate the tyres for even more traction or add a large sprocket for low range to conquer softer sand. This is our premium fat bike solution. Its neither bicycle nor is it a motorbike, it’s the best of both worlds.