3 Months Warranty

We put a lot of care, effort and engineering into Seagull Powered petrol engine kits, conventional bicycles and FATBIKES. We're proud of them and love riding them daily. We want to ensure you of our reliability and quality. That's why every engine kit or bicycle we ship is protected by our warranty.



All parts and components come with a 3 months warranty. 

Items that experience normal wear and tear such as tubes, tyres and brake pads are not covered by any warranty.



What is Covered:

  • Manufacturing defects

What is NOT Covered:

  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Electrical components
  •  Barrel scuffing to incorrect oil type and mixture
  • Riding that falls out of "Normal Use"
  • Failure to follow the following run- in procedure
  • Improper Assembly (follow our easy guide here)
  • Negligent Maintenance:
    • DO NOT mix motor car oil instead of two stroke oil
    • DO NOT mix the oil inside the tank. Use a separate container
    • DO NOT use outboard motor oil but rather garden tool type two stroke oil
    • DO NOT ride with a loose chain
    • DO NOT allow electrical components to get wet or damp
    • DO NOT hose engine or use use cleaning agents. A simple brush will and lube will suffice
    • DO NOT tow another bicycle as this can cause over heating
    • DO NOT cover the engine during operation as airflow is required to keep the engine running cool

 NB. Upon return of your product to our workshop, our engineers will diligently investigate and assess if any of the above negligent factors influence the usability and functioning of the product.

NB. Everything should be tight and secure before each ride. Riding with loose components can lead to irreparable damage to your frame and/or components. We will always try our best to get your ride back up and running should it be defective, but we cannot honour warranty repairs or replacements that falls under the above mentioned criteria.


Very Important Negligent Tips to Remember: Cylinder Bore

4 Main Reasons that causes scuffing of the cylinder bore:

  • When riding with a new engine, do not turn the throttle to maximum.
  • When mixing fuel with oil, too little oil will cause scuffing. Recommended usage is 50ml per litre of fuel.
  • When the engine has been standing for a while it may lack oil. Recommended to add fresh fuel oil to the mixture.
  • During the running of 2 tanks, do not operate the engine for more than 15minutes at a time.


Returns Policy

Shopping online is awesome... until you need to return something. Don't stress, we make it pretty easy to return or exchange your Seagull Powered Products. Get in touch with us at info@seagullpowered.com subject line: “RETURNS” to begin a return or exchange. Remember to keep your original packaging until you're satisfied it's the correct product.  


Seagull Powered will charge a 5% handeling fee on all returns.

Seagull Powered DIY Engine Kit or BICYCLE IN BOX, SEALED, UNOPENED
Return/Exchange Within 30 days of Purchase
Customer Pays Return Shipping Costs

Seagull Powered DIY Engine Kit or BICYCLE, OPENED & ASSEMBLED AS NEW
Return/Exchange Within 30 days of Purchase
Customer Pays Return Shipping Costs
Subject to 15% Restocking Fee Upon Inspection

Not Eligible for Return 

Seagull Powered DIY Engine Kit or BICYCLE ACCESSORIES
As New in Original Packaging
Return/Exchange Within 30 days of Purchase
Customer Pays Return Shipping Costs


Rules of Engagement for Warranty & Returns Policy


When contacting us please provide your Order Number or Name & Surname, a detailed list of which items you wish to return, and why you would like to return them.

The customer will arrange to have the product shipped back to Seagull Powered Workshop or make use of a courier service of your choice.

Once the product arrives at Seagull Powered Workshop and passes inspection for “new condition,” we will either send you the desired product of exchange or issue you a refund.

The costs associated with the return of the product and subsequent exchange delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

If an incorrect product was shipped to the customer or the purchased product arrived damaged, Seagull Powered will reimburse the customer for any shipping charges related to the return or replacement of the purchased product.

Seagull Powered does reserve the right to implement a 15% re-stocking fee on any product that is returned for a refund/exchange that is not in “new condition” unless the product was damaged in transit.

Orders cannot be canceled once they have shipped. Refused shipments will not be refunded. If you would like to cancel an order after it has shipped please wait until the order has been delivered to you, then send an email with a return request to info@seagullpowered.com