E bike LCD 48V

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  • Cycle parameter display such as cycle speed, bicycle mileage and accumulated mileage, cycle timing, power gear, motor working power and temperature, battery voltage and power status, braking status and use environment temperature. Truly reflect the battery power status, record the power consumption in real time, and ensure the mileage.
  • The ebike control panel display has LCD backlight display and headlight switch control functions, the instrument backlight and headlights can be turned on when driving at night. And, the main part of the instrument and the operation buttons adopt the lower structure design, which makes the operation more reasonable and convenient.
  • The lcd electric bike display has multiple user parameter setting functions, you can set and adjust motor parameters, speed measurement parameters, speed limit parameters, power parameters, power control parameters, controller minimum voltage and maximum current parameters and other operating modes according to different models.
  • For PAS, if it is installed, this display allows the rider to choose the level of assistance they want, which is more convenient for riding. And, please check if your controller is of KT brand, because their communication protocols are the same. Prevent the purchased monitor from not working properly. Perfect accessories for electric bicycles, scooters, etc.